Super Dancer Ver. 3.3 MOD Menu APK | Auto Perfect | Random Key | High Score

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Super Dancer Mod

Thông Tin Game Super Dancer:

  • Version: 3.3
  • Size: 27 MB
  • Root: No
  • OBB: Yes
  • Thể loại: Âm nhạc
  • Yêu cầu: 2.3+
  • PlayStore: Here

Giới Thiệu Game Super Dancer:

The Best Graphics of Mobile Game Prize in 2017 GMIC (Global Mobile Internet Conference)!
A brand new dancing social game perfectly combined with the core technology of Unity 3D and oversea popular music.

Game Features:
♥Millions of Dancersis to be Dating♥
Millions of girls are seeking for a perfect wedding and a loyal partner. Free your mind and write you the most romantic story by the hottest ‘Social System’! Speak out your love loudly by the unrestricted ‘Wedding System’ and have it witnessed by your best friends!

♥Feel Your Love, Feel Your Summer♥
Hand in hand with the companions around you and accumulate the sweet moments in ‘Couple Mode’. Date with your dream and find out your perfect partner in this summer. Can’t wait to show your charm and love to her/him? It is the show time now!

♥Thousands of Fashion Styles, You are the Super Dancer! ♥
Thousands of fashionable costumes are lying on your private closet. The ‘Tailor’ can even cut the dress according to your needs! Match your private fashion styles anywhere and anytime. You are the most brilliant super dancer!
♥Easy Learn, Easy Play♥
Only needs 5 seconds to make you learned the complete game play. Dancing with your fingers easily even with single hand!

New Features:

1. Add new dancing mode—Extreme Mode. More challenge, more fun!
2. Add New Magic Fountain System. More chance to gain the rare items.
3. Optimize T Show System. More Live Showtime, better experience!.
4. Optimize Room System. Could change slots and change host now!.
5. New chatting system! Easy to chat with your friends now!.
6. New Constellation Theme in Shiny Stage! New Mode, no cheating!
7. New Community layout! Easier to have access to all the functions!
8. Add new Chatting Emoji. More interesting chatting emoji!
9. Brand New UI Interface!

Super Dancer Mod
Super Dancer Mod
Super Dancer Mod Functions:

Tất cả các game tại web đều được chia sẻ miễn phí, an toàn, không virus, không gây hại cho thiết bị của bạn, bạn hoàn toàn có thể yên tâm khi tải game tại YeuMod.Top.
  • Mod menu
  • Auto Perfect
  • Radom key (Perfect,cool,good,bad)
  • High score

Download Game Super Dancer Mod:

Hướng Dẫn Cài Đặt Game:
  1. Gỡ cài đặt bản gốc trên máy nếu có.
  2. Tải bản Mod về máy & cài đặt game.
  3. Play =))
Cách cài game có OBB:
  1. Tải xuống tệp OBB hoặc tệp DATA và giải nén tệp zip.
  2. Tải xuống bản Mod.
  3. Di chuyển tệp OBB (thư mục sang thư mục Android / OBB trong thiết bị của bạn
  4. Hoặc di chuyển tệp Dữ liệu (thư mục sang thư mục Android / Data trong thiết bị của bạn
  5. Cài đặt APK Mod
  6. Play =))

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